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About Community Service Help

Our service was started to help troubled members of our local community get through their court ordered community service without causing major complications in their lives. We believe by educating criminal offenders we offer a more progressive positive solution to court ordered community service. Our goal is to rehabilitate offenders and provide them with skills they can use to stay out of the court system, better their lives, and the lives of those around them.
Florida Community Service helps thousands of at-risk individuals with their community service on a yearly bases. Our customers include people from all walks of life, who are in a myriad of situations, and we have a 100% acceptance policy. We will never deny anyone from our program based on who they are, where they come from, or what they did. Everyone needs a fair chance and a helping hand to get their rough spots in their life.

Our Florida community service model utilizes education to rehabilitate our clients instead of punishing them. Studies have shown that positive reinforcement and rehabilitation always produces greater long term results than punishment. By offering people who have made mistakes a way to better their life and look at the situation from a positive angle it serves to put them on a path to a more successful existence.

Florida Community Service and our charity partners believe by educating those within a community it benefits everyone in a community for the long term. The current traditional method of community service is archaic at best and only promotes a negative impact on society. Our mission is to change the way society handles criminal offenders and to rehabilitate them to be more productive members of their local Florida communities.

We Will Save You Money

Volunteering the traditional way can lead to unnecessary expenses and hardships on your life. Most charities do not require you to pay an upfront fee, however, with the rising costs of gas, babysitting costs and huge amounts of missed work or even losing your job, community service can cost a small fortune.

Michael was recently arrested for a DUI and ordered to complete 90 hours of community service in Florida. Due to the poor economy his employer would not allow him to take off the 20 days of work that it would require to volunteer at the only charity he could find. Even if he lost his job and did his service the old way he would still have to hire a babysitter to take care of his daughter. Being a single father is not easy! Michael came to us and asked for help. Florida Community Service placed him with a charity that sponsored his volunteer work and he was able to get it all done from home after he put his cute baby girl to bed. Michael was able to keep his job, take care of his daughter, save over $1,600 and get his Florida court ordered community service done on time. Congratulations Michael and thank you for sharing your story.

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